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What is My Assistant?

Service available until 30 April 2024This service will not be available for new contracts or renewals after 1 May 2023.

We know that when you live abroad, day-to-day administrative procedures can become complicated. At Reale Expatriates we want our customers' day-to-day life to be simpler. That's why we give you My Assistant; a free telephone service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which helps you resolve any questions or needs related to legal issues, paperwork and administrative procedures, family activities, information on leisure, vacations, events and much more. You can use this service at no additional cost and as many times as you need throughout the year.

What is My Assistant?
Coberturas estrella de seguros de coche para extranjeros

Benefits of the Service:

  • Free, at no additional costs for our customers.
  • Duration: one year from registering for the service.
  • Unlimited use and from anywhere in the world.
  • At any point in the year and at any time of day or night 24 hours /365 days.
  • Bilingual service provided in English and Spanish.

How can I activate it?

My Assistant will be available, free of charge and for one year, for all customers who renew any of their policies in 2022 and for those who take out a new policy. The service will be available 30 days after the contract subscription or renewal date and to enjoy all the services, you just have to call or email and confirm your NIE or passport number. This service is provided by ALARES SOCIAL CEE, SA, with its registered address at Calle Miguel Yuste 23, 28037 Madrid, registered with the Madrid Trade & Companies Register in volume 26,960, folio 161, Section 8, sheet number M 485801, with Tax ID (CIF) No. A-85760189. To unsubscribe from the service, or to notify us of any problem or error, please send an email to:

My Assistant helps you in everything you need

  • TPaperwork and administrative procedures.

    • Information on administrative procedures with public and private organisations, related to documentation, customer service hours, filing deadlines, fees. .

    • Information and support on obtaining official certificates: birth, marriage, death, academic certificates, social security/insurance history.

    • Support and appointment reservation for the renewal of DNI (Spanish national ID document), passport, NIE (foreigner’s ID document), transport cards.

    • Information on the procedures for renewing the driving licence, firearms permit, employer's card, as well as the search for the necessary psychotechnical examination centres for these and other procedures.

    Useful information and emergencies.

    • Cancellations in the event of theft or loss of mobile phone or bank cards (both Spanish and foreign).

    • Information on emergency telephone numbers and opening hours for the public.

    • Location of medical centres, customer service offices of various public bodies and private centres of any kind.

    • Information on the procedure and support in the handling of claims/complaints to telephone companies, suppliers, etc.

    • Real-time information on weather conditions and traffic conditions.

    • Management of home delivery purchases and search for the best deals on food products.

    • Organisation of collection and dispatch of packages by courier companies.

    • Search and identification, price comparison, purchase and delivery of consumer, electronics, textile and home decoration products.

    • Support in the sale of second-hand products.

    • Information on discounts on public transport and specific offers on various services.

    • Gift ideas for the whole family.

    Services and procedures related to your vehicle.

    • Location of ITV (technical inspection, similar to MoT test in UK) centres, as well as comparative price information on inspections, tyre changes and accessories.

    • Vehicle rental comparisons, motorcycles, cars, vans and buses with and without driver.

    • Comparison of driving schools to obtain a driving licence.

    • Comparisons on the transport of vehicles, national and international.

    • Information on administrative procedures related to the driver and the vehicle, such as: transfers, changes of address, environmental labels or eco-stickers, consultation of driving licence points.

    • Information on safe driving courses and points recovery courses, as well as advice on driving.

    Services and procedures related to your home.

    • Price comparison and advice on saving on household supplies.

    • Information on administrative procedures, subsidies, aid and discounts on the purchase and rental of housing.

    • Comparisons of the cost of the services of moving companies, as well as information on the authorisations necessary to carry out a move.

    • Search for professionals who can take care of reforms and repairs, including contacting emergency locksmiths.

    • Ideas and search for decorative elements for your home.

    • Comparison of prices, purchase and shipping of the best options for furniture and home appliances.

    Services and procedures related to your pet.

    • Location of and information on vets, salons, washing stations and other specific services for pets .

    • Requirements for the registration and transportation of pets.

    • Search for and reservation of holiday stays that allow pets, as well as information on places such as beaches, natural parks and restaurants where you can go accompanied by pets.

    • Tips for caring for your pet.

    • Comparison on the purchase of pets.

    Information on leisure, events, vacations and family activities.

    • Comprehensive organisation of vacations and specific trips, comparing packages and pre-designed routes.

    • Location and comparison of the best transportation, accommodation and activities options that fit your needs.

    • Information on the main places of interest, cultural events and activities in the area, managing the reservation and purchase of tickets.

    • Restaurant recommendations and reservations based on the member's tastes and availability.

    • Information of interest for the trip, nearby hospitals and necessary vaccinations, visas, emergency services, peculiarities of the culture of the area, discount cards for tourists, local means of transport, typical festivals, etc. Information and purchase of tickets to museums, entertainment centres and concerts around the world.

    • Excursions, personalised gastronomic and cultural routes.

    • Comparisons of characteristics and availability of nurseries, schools and extracurricular academic and sports activities.

    • Orientation on the various academic courses available for any member of the family

    • Activities for the elderly, themed trips, personalised events.

    • Comparison of banking and family savings products.

    • Help in the organisation of large family events such as birthdays, communions, weddings... as well as special lunches and dinners.

    • Comparisons of supplies and telephone services to save at home. - Search and comparison of academies and private tutors to support academic study at home.

    • Support in the main job search portals and information on training courses for the unemployed, scholarships, etc.

    • Search for out-of-stock medicines, social health personnel to support family needs at home, therapists, lawyers and any other professional that the member needs.

    • Comparison of day centres and residences for the elderly in the family.


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