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Why take out this insurance?
Benefits of this insurance for buildings in Spain.

This insurance adapts to every type of commonhold and can be tailored to your needs. Everything you expect from your insurance with many more advantages at no extra cost. At Reale we want to make you feel special, so as well as speaking your language, we offer all these benefits without you having to pay more for them.

The advantages of building and homeowners association insurance for expats in Spain  ​​
Emergency service insurance coverage provided by Reale

Learn about our
Emergency cover​

  • Emergency locksmith: What would happen if you or one of your neighbours could not access the building? If your keys get lost or stolen or the lock to the entrance door gets damaged, we will be here to help you: we will send you an emergency locksmith to solve the problem.
  • Emergency electrician: Unexpected events can occur at any time in a block of flats or in a communal buildings. What would happen if you got to your building and there was no electricity? We will send you an electrician to take care of repairing it.
Building and homeowners association insurance coverage

Others stars​ cover

  • Security guard service: What would happen if unexpected circumstances made the building accessible from the outside? At Reale, we protect everything that matters to you, so we would send a security guard if you need one.
  • “Bricomunidad” service: Who is responsible for those small improvements or repairs that every multi-occupancy building needs? Reale offers two free household repair services per year for small jobs lasting up to 3 hours involving: plumbing, glazing, locks, electricity or masonry.
  • Pest control: What would happen if your building were infested with rats, mice or cockroaches? We will take care of controlling the pests in your building, with a first visit within 48 hours of your call and a second follow up visit a fortnight later.

Cover and services

  • Different types of cover

    Insurance that adapts to the needs of any type of communal buildings. Insure the structure and the communal or private content if you own the property.

    Civil Liability

    We cover civil liability for:

    • Water damage, both in common and private elements.
    • The community Governing Board.
    • Work and employer.
    • Accidental pollution.
    Legal protection

    We will defend your interests as the policy holder in administrative, judicial or arbitration proceedings, which includes covering fees, duties and court costs, expenses for legal representatives, experts and notaries whenever necessary to defend the interests of the insured party. You can use this guarantee in:

    • Claims for breach of service contracts, as well as those for purchasing goods, such as: security, cleaning, supplies, etc.
    • Employment contracts. Defence against claims by salaried staff who work for the homeowners' community.
    • Defence in municipal administrative matters, such as: ordinances relating to restricted parking areas, works, cleaning, car parks, lifts, etc.
    • Legal assistance by telephone.
    Water damage

    We cover any damage caused by water to the common elements of a single-owner building or communal buildings, including:

    • Expenses to locate and seal the leak.
    • Costs of solving blockages, even if no damage is caused.
    • Repairs and/or replacements.
    • Excess water consumption bills.
    • Damage caused by frost.
    Telephone legal advice and document management

    Managing a single-owner or communal buildings is not easy, especially when you are living abroad. At Reale, we want to make your life easier, so we are happy to offer you advice over the phone and help you to manage and apply for documents and forms relating to the following matters:

    • Technical Building Inspections (ITE, in Spanish).
    • Subsidies for lifts, solar power installations, pest control, etc.
    • Licences and work permits.
  • Uninhabitable buildings

    If a single-owner or communal buildings becomes totally or partially uninhabitable, Reale will cover the following costs:

    • Renting homes, garages or premises with similar characteristics to those affected.
    • Hotel accommodation costs.
    Total Ruin

    In the event that construction or renovation works carried out by third parties on the ground or subsoil, other than those carried out in the communal buildings, should result in damage to structural elements compromising the mechanical strength and stability of the building, and if the competent authority declares the total ruin and eviction of the building, Reale will cover all direct material damages.

    Electrical damage

    We cover repairs for damage produced by short circuits, combustion, alteration in the electrical grid or lightning in community facilities affecting:

    • Lifts and hoists.
    • Common electrical installations.
    • Energy generation, transformation and distribution systems.
    Employee accidents and dishonesty

    Single-owner and communal buildings need a lot of maintenance, and the person who takes care of doing that job could have an accident. At Reale, we have included protection guarantees in case of:

    • Death.
    • Absolute Permanent Disability.
    • Urgent medical care.

    Also not everyone is entirely trustworthy and some workers may prove not to be reliable. When that is case, Reale will protect you from theft or robbery by these employees.

    Fire, explosion, lightning and extended guarantees in case of wind, rain, etc.

    We cover damage in common elements and insured residences caused by:

    • Fire, explosion or lightning.
    • Smoke.
    • Rain, wind, hail or snow.
    • Flooding, clearing and removing mud and sludge.
    • Vandalism, riots and strikes.
    • Vehicles, animals or sonic waves.
    • Spillage or leakage from automatic fire extinguishing equipment.


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We speak your language

What do our customers think?

An expatriate client’s verified thoughts on Reale’s insurance services ​

I couldn't recommend this company enough! I have been a client with Reale for 9+ years and throughout this whole time they have been nothing but helpful. I recently had an accident and this company was very efficient in their work and helped me with all my needs. The employees are very helpful and easy to talk with. I will continue to use this company for many years to come.

April Cox - ENGLAND

An expatriate client’s verified thoughts on Reale’s insurance services 

Dear Jonathan,
Thank you for your prompt reply and excelllent service.
I'll not hesitate to contract again an insurance with Reale in the future.
Very best regards.

Marieke Dijkhuis - NETHERLANDS

An expatriate client’s verified thoughts on Reale’s insurance services 

When I move house again I will definitely use Reale.
Things like these make a company great and committed to its customers.
Thank you.

Maximiliano Pérez - ITALY
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All the advantages of taking out your insurance with Reale Seguros.

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  • Specialist advice​​​
    Specialist advice

    Our professionals understand your problems because, like you, one day they decided to come and live in Spain.

  • Fast service​​​​​
    Fast service

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  • We speak your language
    We speak your language

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    Special Conditions

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    Easy to contract

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    Payment plan

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