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Why take out this insurance?
Benefits of this insurance for your home in Spain.

What if, in addition to everything you expect from your insurance, it offered you much more at no extra cost? At Reale we want to make you feel special, so as well as speaking your language, we offer all these benefits without you having to pay more for them.

The advantages of expat house insurance for residents in Spain  
Reale’s house insurance coverage

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our star coverage

  • The right plan for every type of home: We can cater for every type of home no matter what you use it for: main dwelling, holiday dwelling, vacant dwelling or rental dwelling.
  • Handyman Service: Our 2-hour household repair service will keep your home looking good as new: hanging up pictures, putting up shelves, fitting door handles and much more.
  • Servihogar: We are always available to solve any unexpected problems in your home. Emergency services include: emergency electrician, locksmith, security guard, etc.
  • Theft from a vehicle: We offer coverage for the personal effects and possessions stolen from inside our policy-holder's vehicle, provided it is inside a closed garage or car park.
  • Theft outside the house: We have got you covered if your property is stolen outside the home, or if this happens to your spouse or children. This includes the cost of reissuing documents, such as a passport or driving licence.
  • Bank card fraud: We cover the losses caused when others use bank cards stolen from inside or outside the insured home, whether they are yours (as the insured party) or they belong to your spouse or children.
  • Occasional rental: If you decide to rent out your home on an occasional basis, we cover civil liability and any vandalism caused by the temporary tenants, both in your home and in that of third parties (this coverage is only available for the Main Dwelling plan).
Reale quality commitment

Quality commitment*

  • We are so sure of the quality of our service that if we fail to comply with our commitments within the repair period, we will refund the annuity of your insurance policy:
    - Within 24 hours, a professional will contact the policy holder and visit their home.
    - Within 48 hours, we will inform you of the repair plan.
    - Within 72 hours, the designated professional will begin the repair work.

    *Request telephone advice or consult one of our brokers to find out more about the details of our commitment.


Coverage and services

Reale offers you modular and configurable insurance so it can be adapted to any type of home: penthouses, lofts, villas, etc. All the coverage you need, at the best price.

  • Different coverage plans

    We adapt to the type of home you have and the way you use it. We have the plan that best fits your needs:

    • Main Dwelling (MD)
    • Holiday Dwelling (HD)
    • Rental Dwelling (RD)
    • Vacant Dwelling (VD)
    Civil Liability

    What if I leave the tap running and cause damage to all my neighbours? By insuring your home with Reale, you will have this and other damage to third parties covered. Available in all four plans.

    • Civil Liability
    Damage due to fire and weather events

    Your home is your refuge, which is why we protect it against unexpected problems caused by elements like rain, wind, hail, snow, lightning, fire, smoke and much more. Available in all four plans.

    Water damage

    What if my washing machine breaks and my apartment floods with all my things inside? Protect your home against any material losses caused by water leaks from pipes, drains, tanks, appliances, taps or stopcocks, etc. Coverage available in all four plans:

    • Includes locating and repairing the fault.​
    • Compensation for loss of property.
    • Return of payment for excess water consumption (only available for Main Dwelling).
  • Legal protection, bonds, defence and claims.

    What to do if my neighbour sues me? You will always have professional legal assistance for you, your spouse, your partner and your children; this also applies when you need to pursue a claim against a third party. Available in all our plans.

    • Legal fees and expenses.
    • Fees, duties and other expenses resulting from the procedure.
    • Experts' expenses, if necessary.
    • Telephone legal advice on tax issues, contracts, etc.

    Your memories, your dreams, your possessions are in your home. Protect yourself against losing them. We cover you in case they are stolen (by theft or robbery) from your home, annexes or outbuildings.

    Available in the Main Dwelling, Holiday Dwelling and Rental Dwelling plans. Not available in the Vacant Dwelling plan.

    • Compensation for the goods stolen.
    • Repair of damage caused by a break-in or attempted break-in.
    • Theft outside the house.
    • Replacement of keys and locks.
    • Fraudulent credit and debit card use.
    Optional cover

    If you need extra protection, customise your policy with our optional coverage.

    • Storerooms and gardens.
    • Domestic appliance repair.
    • Computer equipment breakdown and failure.
    • Computer equipment support (included in the Main Dwelling plan).
    • Pets.
    • Civil liability for dangerous dogs.
    • Personal accidents in the home.
    • Loss of refrigerated goods (included in the Main Dwelling plan).


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We speak your language

What do our customers think?

An expatriate client’s verified thoughts on Reale’s insurance services ​

I couldn't recommend this company enough! I have been a client with Reale for 9+ years and throughout this whole time they have been nothing but helpful. I recently had an accident and this company was very efficient in their work and helped me with all my needs. The employees are very helpful and easy to talk with. I will continue to use this company for many years to come.

April Cox - ENGLAND

An expatriate client’s verified thoughts on Reale’s insurance services 

Dear Jonathan,
Thank you for your prompt reply and excelllent service.
I'll not hesitate to contract again an insurance with Reale in the future.
Very best regards.

Marieke Dijkhuis - NETHERLANDS

An expatriate client’s verified thoughts on Reale’s insurance services 

When I move house again I will definitely use Reale.
Things like these make a company great and committed to its customers.
Thank you.

Maximiliano Pérez - ITALY
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About us

Specialists in caring for people like you.

What if your insurers could really relate to your problems? Our advisers and agents are people who, like you, one day decided to come and live in Spain. That is why we can anticipate your problems and offer you the best solution.Our job is to be on hand, to advise you and make your life easier.

All the advantages of taking out your insurance with Reale Seguros.

We are an insurance group with 190 years' experience behind us and over 4 million policy holders in Spain.

  • Specialist advice​​​
    Specialist advice

    Our professionals understand your problems because, like you, one day they decided to come and live in Spain.

  • Fast service​​​​​
    Fast service

    If we fail to meet our commitments, we will refund your money.

  • We speak your language
    We speak your language

    We want you to feel at home knowing that language is not a barrier when you communicate with us.

  • Special Conditions
    Special Conditions

    We want you to feel at home, so we offer you special conditions when you take out your insurance with us.​

  • Easy to contract
    Easy to contract

    Leave us your details and we will get back to you by phone, online or at your nearest insurance branch.

  • Payment plan​​​​​
    Payment plan

    Choose how to pay for your insurance: quarterly, six-monthly or annually.

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